I/O Ninja

I/O Ninja 1.8

A terminal server with advanced log engine and open-source architecture

With its colorizers, advanced log engine, property grid interface and open-source architecture, I/O Ninja is a perfect terminal server for you.
The serial monitor plug-in is like a sniffer for your COM port. You can use I/O Ninja as a socket terminal for TCP sockets, UDP sockets and PIPE connections. As a TCP terminal or a UDP terminal, I/O Ninja lets you connect to other network nodes in either TCP or UDP, send carefully crafted packets and analyze any replies you get. So if you're ever curious as to exactly how a certain Web server reacts to a malformed packet, you no longer need to wonder -- Ninja has the answer.

Listener Socket is server-side counterpart of Connection Socket Plug-in. It used to accept incoming connections over TCP, UDP (in connection-oriented mode) or PIPE.

The Packet Sniffer plug-in is powered by WinPcap, an industry-standard open-source packet capture driver for Windows. What's unusual about the I/O Ninja sniffer is not its capturing capabilities; rather, it shines in simplicity and integration. It's simple and easy to use, and it's tightly integrated with a host of other troubleshooting tools (all other plug-ins). I/O Ninja concentrates on the payload of each packet, and shows you the content of the conversations between devices in your network in an easy-to-follow format.

A single open UDP socket can communicate with a whole group of remote nodes at the same time. This ability can be used to implement a scanning feature in applications (device auto-discovery). Sometimes you must communicate with a device before it has been assigned an IP address. In such a case, UDP is your only option. These are all things which cannot be done with an ordinary terminal program, but I/O Ninja will eliminate this problem.

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